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    Promised Land

    You will need:
    This spell is to bring about a relationship with a soulmate, someone with whom you will feel a divine connection. All of these foods are mentioned in the Bible in association with the Promised Land. The Promised Land is often interpreted as coming home in a love relationship. Eat these foods to attract a holy relationship, one that is filled with God.

    Raisins and almonds are said to make someone hear and recognize the call of home. They will help you to be able to answer the question of whether someone is right for you.

    Milk and honey are mixed to find happiness and bring fulfillment in love. Milk is also nurturing and represents fertility.

    If you want to attract a soulmate, eat raisins and almonds with a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey stirred in. If you want to know if someone specific is your soulmate, before retiring, drink a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey stirred in. Place three raisins and three almonds under your pillow. Your dreams will reveal the answer to your question.