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    There is not much to brewing tea other than putting hot water on it. Tea will become bitter and ‘burned’ if you brew it too long or too hot. However, some people thing this astrengency is the true essence of tea. If you don’t mind the bitterness, you can overbrew tea by brewing it longer to release more energy from it. But just be warned it can be very bitter, and a true connoisseur does not drink it like this except to test for quality 🙂

    Anyway, some basics… oolong and black teas can be brewed at a higher temperature and white and green teas need a lower temperature. Oolongs can brew for longer than blacks. Greens are usually the most sensitive and some even brew for as little as thrity seconds.

    Lastly, make sure you use full-leaf, fresh tea. Teabags very rarely have whole leaves in them (they are usually the scraps of dust swept up off the floors of sifters after the actual tea has been sorted for use) plus they carry all kinds of other things — they often have preservatives, artificial flavors and ingredients, and weird chemicals in the bag and string that are going to be in your water infusing along with the tea itself. Fresh tea is actually very easy to get, easy to work with, and is cheaper than buying teabags if used properly (your can brew the same serving of tea leaves several times… I usually use my tea leaves up to 6-8 times before they lose their flavor… this also means they store energy as well. That’s why you can overbrew them to get all the energy out, and ruin the future flavor, but you’ll have a very strong tea or potion. You can’t do this with teabags because the tea is just powder/dust and chemicals, which do not retain oils like a leaf… and probably won’t retain energy as well either).

    In general, one teaspoon of tea (I don’t measure at all, just scoop with a little wooden spoon) to one cup of water (again, no need to measure exactly, as long as you can tell about what 8oz of water is) is a good proportion for brewing.

    So here are the steps to brewing tea to make magic tea or potions with them. This is just an outline! When creating a tea spell or ritual, of course, make it your own. This is just a general of idea of what all needs to go into it, so you don’t craft a spell or ritual and start to perform it and realize you weren’t prepared, or have under-energized tea or potion in the end.

    1. Prepare your materials. Generally for the tea you will need water, a way to heat the water (tea kettle), a vessel to brew the tea (tea pot), the tea and herbs you wish to brew, something to contain the tea after it has brewed (tea cup or chalice), and something to store the tea or potion in if you’re not going to be drinking it immediately.

    2. Do anything you would normally do before preparing for spellwork or ritual. This is highly individualized, so I won’t go into detail. Since you are working with ingredients and making something to be consumed by the body, I recommend purifying and cleansing yourself before starting with ritual bathing. But yeah, take your normal routine and put it here. Cast your circle, call your deities, etc. and get ready for some spellwork. I think potions work best when a lot of energy is raised and they are created during ritual. It’s not just the mixing of ingredients that makes a potion!

    3. Recharge and consecrate your tea tools. If this is your first time, you may want to perform some kind of initial consecration, as you should devote tea tools to spellwork the same way you do any of your other magical tools. You will want a magical teapot, teaspoon, teakettle, teacup, etc.! Anyway, recharge them at this point.

    4. Once you have done everything you have done to begin your spell/ritual, it is now time to bless your tea and imbue it with energy. Consecrate your tea and put any energy into it that you want. Only do this for the portion of tea you will be brewing. If you are using a basket or something, it’s okay to put the portion of tea into the basket and consecrate and imbue the basket as well 🙂

    5. Bless and purify your water now. I like to use water that has been exposed to the moon’s light, especially a full moon. Of course, the entire batch doesn’t have to be this. I keep a little around to add to the water to bless and purify it.

    6. Heat your water. While your water is heating, raise energy. Depending on the spell and type of tea you are making, you can do this in various ways. Again, this is personalized. But since heating water takes a while, and it is the water and heat that will pull the energy from the tea, it is the best time to raise energy. Also, you can continue to raise energy after the water is hot, just as long as you don’t let it all turn into steam and float away 🙂

    7. Once you have raised energy and feel ready to start brewing, put your tea in your teapot (if it wasn’t already in there) and pour the water over it. For proper tea brewing, you want your “countdown” to start as soon as the first drop of water touches a leaf of tea. As any longer, it would overbrew. Of course, if you’re overbrewing to really pull out ALL the energy in the tea, feel free to ignore the timing aspect 🙂 But if you’re timing it, start your timer just as you start pouring. You can also forego the timer and use chanting or meditation to count the time, just make sure you’re good at accurate timing.

    8. While the water is in the tea, use all the energy you raised and focus it on your infusion. Your energy will go into the water and pull the energies out of the tea, creating the potion or tea that you will drink later (or give to someone to drink). This part is important, so really concentrate and use a lot of visualization. After all the energy was raised, you now will be calm and focused. While focusing all the energy into the water, releasing the energy from the leaves, visualize your focus (like, if this is a potion to help you sleep well, imagine yourself resting peacfully and seeing sweet dreams. Imagine the energy of that vision being pulled from the leaves.)

    9. When the tea has been infused both physically and magically, remove the tea from the teapot if you’re using a basket or satchel. Then pour into your teacup. If you were using something like yixing, just pour. If you are using yixing and are planning to drink now, don’t worry about pouring or removing tea and skip this step.

    10. Now that the tea is in the teacup, you should be able to feel great energies coming from within! Now that your infusion is complete, now you can do things like consecrate it as a completed product, or ask your deities to bless it, thank your deities, etc. Take some time to rest and relax, feeling the heat of the tea, looking at the color of it, smelling the aroma, etc. If you like to listen to or play music in ritual, now is a good time to do this. Use relaxing music! Essentially, after a vigorous exercise of energy, you’re now cooling off and resting. Now is a good time to meditate on what you’ve learned or felt during your spell or ritual, and what you’re aiming to accomplish with your tea.

    11. Now is time to either drink or store your tea! You should have done step 10 until the cup is now at least cooled enough to touch. Even if it is still very hot, as long as you can pick it up without feeling pain, it is good. If it is still too hot, the tea is still not ready, and the energies are still jumping around and looking for a place to settle. Continue to rest and settle with them 🙂 If you’re storing your tea, pour it into your bottle or whatever you’re using. If you’re drinking it now, you can create your own ritual around drinking. You can finish up your rite now, closing your circle and everything. You don’t have to drink the tea in the circle. I like to take my tea outside and sit in the grass and drink it if I am drinking immediately. It’s always great to enjoy your tea or potion in nature. Of course, if you’re using it for a specific purpose, find a time and location that is best for that.

    And that’s how to create a spell or ritual for making tea 🙂 Of course, you’ll want to use your own methods of doing everything I described — this is just a framework. Because you’re imbuing energies into tea, I find it’s always more helpful to brew and create tea during a waxing or full moon. If it’s a tea to dispel energies (like a tea that gets rid of nervousness or nightmares or something), still create it during the waxing or full moon, imbuing it with positive energies, then drink it during a waning moon 🙂 If you want to do it all at once, it’s still fine to do it any time of the lunar cycle. I just thin it’s more effective this way. Also, I’ve found that sex magic/sex ritual is the best way to raise energy for a lot of teas, because you raise energy during the heating phase, and tea is at its base a fire element herb. Plus the way water heats and eventually boils and becomes steam is symbolic of the way that sexual stimulation starts cool and heats up to a climax. However, not everyone is comfortable with sex magic/ritual, so like I said, this is just a framework and you should make it your own.