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    Hymn to Zeus

    (c. 300 – 220 B.C.)

    O God most glorious, called by many a name,
    Nature’s great King, through endless years the same;
    Omnipotence, who by your just decree
    Controls all, hail, Zeus, for unto you
    Must your creatures in all lands call.
    We are your children, we alone, of all
    On earth’s broad ways that wander to and fro,
    Bearing your image wheresoever we go.
    Wherefore with songs of praise your power I will proclaim.
    Look! yonder Heaven, that round the earth is wheeled,
    Follows your guidance, still to you does yield
    Glad homage; your unconquerable hand
    Such flaming minister, the heftless brand,
    Wields, a sword two-edged, whose deathless might
    Pulsates through all that Nature brings to light;
    Vehicle of the universal word, that flows
    Through all, and in the light celestial glows
    Of stars both great and small. A King of Kings
    Through ceaseless ages, God, whose purpose brings
    To birth, whatever on land or in the sea
    Is wrought, or in high heaven’s immensity;
    Save what the sinner works infatuate.
    No, but you know how to make the crooked straight:
    Chaos to you is order; in your eyes
    The unloved is lovely, who did harmonize
    Things evil with things good, that there should be
    One word through all things everlastingly.
    One word – whose voice alas! the wicked spurn;
    Insatiate for the good their spirits yearn:
    Yet seeing see not, neither hearing hear
    God’s universal law, which those revere,
    by reason guided, happiness who win.
    The rest, unreasoning, diverse shapes of sin
    Self-prompted follow: for an idle name
    Vainly they wrestle in the contests of fame:
    Others inordinately riches court,
    Or dissolute, the joys of flesh pursue.
    Now here, now there they wander, fruitless still,
    For ever seeking good and finding ill.
    Zeus the all-bountiful, whom darkness shrouds,
    Whose lightning lightens in the thunder-clouds;
    Your children save from error’s deadly sway;
    Turn you the darkness from their souls away:
    Vouchsafe that unto knowledge they attain;
    For you by knowledge are made strong to reign
    Over all, and all things rule righteously.
    So by you honored, we will honor thee,
    Praising your works continually with songs,
    As mortals should; nor higher reward belongs
    Even to the gods, than justly to adore
    The universal law for evermore.