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    Today I want to teach you how to create miracles to the best of my understanding of the process of it. The frequency of 528Hz is believed to be so powerful that it can help repair and restore DNA damage, bring peace and harmony and restore equilibrium to everything around it.
    528Hz is the sound of Love, so every time you experience the sensation of love, you are putting your body in the energetic frequency of being able to perform miracles.
    To help Kyndall in this way, achieve a trance state in whatever method you are most comfortable with and begin to visualize an energy bridge between your heart and Kyndall’s. Once you have completed this connection, bring to mind all the times you have really felt in love. All the experiences that made you feel loved and all the people, places and things that you harbor the feelings of love for. If you can hold this state for as little as ten minutes, you will see you can do a lot of good and for Kyndall and other situations and people suffering in your life around you.
    I’ve seen this done just as a visualization in a public place where you see a couple fighting. Focus the feeling of love towards their direction and you can witness in real time the effect that this simple exercise can have on changing your reality.