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    To Silenus, Satyrus, and the Priestesses of Dionysus
    – Fumigation from Manna –

    Selenus, great Nurturer of Dionysus, honored by the Gods, Incline to my prayers.
    By mortals at the triennial feast,
    Thou art reverenced as the best, Holy and August,
    Source of lawful rites, powerful and vigilant,
    With Sylvans dancing ever young and fair, leading ivy crowned Bacchic Nymphs,
    With all Thy Satyrs infuse the incense.
    Wild formed Spirits, bless the divine rites,
    Come, rouse to sacred ecstasy Thy student who is King,
    inspire our orgiastic love through all the night,
    And fill the sacred choir with triumphant power.