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    58. Ǽrohs (Eros, Cupid, or Love; Gr. Ἔρως)

    The Fumigation from Aromatics.

    I Call great Cupid, source of sweet delight,
    Holy and pure, and lovely to the sight;
    Darting, and wing’d, impetuous fierce desire,
    With Gods and mortals playing, wand’ring fire:
    Cautious, and two-fold, keeper of the keys
    Of heav’n and earth, the air, and spreading seas;
    Of all that Ceres’ fertile realms contains,
    By which th’ all-parent Goddess life sustains,
    Or dismal Tartarus is doom’d to keep,
    Widely extended, or the sounding, deep;
    For thee, all Nature’s various realms obey,
    Who rul’st alone, with universal sway.
    Come, blessed pow’r, regard these Mystic fires,
    And far avert, unlawful mad desires.

    The original ancient Greek text

    58. Ἔρωτος, θυμίαμα ἀρώματα.

    Κικλήσκω μέγαν, ἁγνόν, ἐράσμιον, ἡδὺν Ἔρωτα,
    τοξαλκῆ, πτερόεντα, πυρίδρομον, εὔδρομον ὁρμῆι,
    συμπαίζοντα θεοῖς ἠδὲ θνητοῖς ἀνθρώποις,
    εὐπάλαμον, διφυῆ, πάντων κληῖδας ἔχοντα,
    αἰθέρος οὐρανίου, πόντου, χθονός, ἠδ’ ὅσα θνητοῖς
    πνεύματα παντογένεθλα θεὰ βόσκει χλοόκαρπος,
    ἠδ’ ὅσα Τάρταρος εὐρὺς ἔχει πόντος θ’ ἁλίδουπος·
    μοῦνος γὰρ τούτων πάντων οἴηκα κρατύνεις.
    ἀλλά, μάκαρ, καθαραῖς γνώμαις μύσταισι συνέρχου,
    φαύλους δ’ ἐκτοπίους θ’ ὁρμὰς ἀπὸ τῶνδ’ ἀπόπεμπε.