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    Disease Doll to Make a Person Sick
    This doll baby spell comes from the New Orleans hoodoo tradition. It was reported in Harry Middleton Hyatt’s Hoodoo-Conjure-Witchcraft-Rootwork as a means of transferring disease from one person to another. It is seemingly very easy to create and deploy. First, you will have to make a doll baby that you intentionally adorn with bright colors and lots of ribbons. Then, take one of the ribbons and tie a knot in it for each time you have had a particular illness or disease you want to get rid of. Next, take that pretty doll baby and drop it where someone will see it and likely pick it up (I am assuming this is why the doll baby is to be made so pretty). It is said that whoever picks up that doll baby will “catch” the disease or illness, by virtue of the principle of contagious magic, thereby leaving you well.

    • Interesting spell, but I don’t like that the target is random. I don’t see why that couldn’t be worked-around though.

      • I considered how to send it to some trash in prison or something like that. Someone who deserves it.

        • Ahhh…so the cops get the disease when they check for contraband, and then the prisoner gets a empty creepy doll. Oh, wait a min…
          I wonder if you could make the doll a bind of a specific person before you put the sickness in it instead?

          • you know what, I actually thought about how the cops would get it first haha we are on the same wave

            • then I also thought ok why use a doll, Ill just use a rock

            • now what to do with that rock, I could plant it in an enemies car or in their yard like you would some other voodoo fetishes, or I could fake being their friend long enough to give them the ticking bomb or i could sell it to someone who likes this stuff or i could keep it as my pet idk im still thinking it over

            • I know a guy in Lousiana who lives around this style of voodoo who gave me the idea, but he recommended sacrificing it in ritual, however i dont see how that would do anything but send him happily back home

            • Could always try burring it and just let the earth absorb the sickness….I doubt that would do any harm to the planet that kinda energy might even be good for it one things sickness is another’s strength. But that wouldn’t really be a ba spell anymore, guess it depends on what you’re going for.

            • I guess sacrificing would be the same idea?

            • And here’s a question: is there any advantage to ba healing over da healing, as far as the healing properties are concerned? Is either more effective (in general) or does it just come down to the individual and situation?