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How to Meet your Gatekeeper Animal

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    The role of the gatekeeper animal is to filter all the messages to and from the animal world. Nothing gets in or out the gate without the approval of your gatekeeper totem. For other totem powers, you may have more than one animal serving the same position such as power animal or shadow guide, but for the gatekeeper, there will only be one kind of animal.

    How to meet and speak to your gatekeeper animal:

    1. Clear a sacred space for this meditation journey in the manner you are accustomed.

    2. Ground, center, and shield your sacred space by calling in your guardians you are used to working with, or visualize a protective bubble of white light surrounding your sacred space.

    3. Focus on your breathing with deep cleansing breathes counting one, two, three, in through the nose, out two three, out through the nose.

    4. As you begin to feel your body relax, visualize a house on a hill. Journey the path leading up to the house, and enter the door.

    5. When you enter the door, there will be a great hall with stairs leading upstairs and stairs leading downstairs.

    6. Pay attention to the details, sounds, smells, feelings of the house as you make your way down the stairs to the basement.

    7. When you reach the basement, there will be a final door and an animal guardian standing in front of the door waiting for you.

    8. The animal you see is your gatekeeper.  Thank the gatekeeper for his work he does for you and say anything you would like to your friend, and then return leaving the house and back to waking consciousness.

    I’d love to hear the results of anyone’s vision who attempts this guided meditation or offer advice to those who need help achieving the connection to their animal gatekeeper.

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