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    Groundhog Spirit Medicine – Many Avenues, Boundaries, Speaking Your Truth, Meditation, Trance, Dreams, Death without Dying, Metabolism/Diet

    The groundhog is known for its digging and tunneling abilities. It creates a burrow underground with many tunnels, entrances and exits. If Groundhog appears as a totem it could mean it’s time to delve into a new area of interest (and you have many to choose from). Since a groundhog takes two years to fully mature, it may indicate that your project may take two years of intensive study, digging, and building. Groundhog teaches tenacity and how to burrow within any area to fully engage in its experience. The symbolism of the many tunnels highlights the many avenues we have available to us in life… we need to have options… know that you can create and have options in your life, know that things change ~ be ready, resilient and resourceful… like the groundhog ready to pop up out of its many entrances.

    Groundhog also teaches us about the need for boundaries. While groundhogs are generally not very territorial, the will not allow others in their tunnel. For anyone with a Groundhog totem, it is important to give definite signals to your boundaries. It can also be giving you fair warning that you have overstepped someone boundaries. It is best to resolve the situation with respect and from the heart.

    The groundhog spends about four to six months in hibernation. During this time, they slow there metabolism and achieve a state of unconsciousness. When awake, the groundhog each a diet rich in greens and veggies. Groundhog could be letting you know that you need to pay attention to your diet and metabolism. Be aware of how your diet influences your natural bodies cycles and to make dietary adjustments to balance the workings of your body.

    Groundhogs are very vocal in their ideas and opinions… chirping, barking and squealing loudly to let everyone know just what they have to say. Take the lesson from this furry little creature … to speak your truth, to be unafraid to speak up for yourself, your needs and your beliefs … whenever necessary, loud and clear if needed!

    According to the “Animal Speak” dictionary by Ted Andrews, the groundhog as a totem means “mystery of death without dying–trance–dreams.” Groundhogs do true in which they achieve a state of unconsciousness until awakening in late winter/early spring. This is why they symbolize ‘death without dying’. In some societies this deep state of meditation is used as part of initiation rituals symbolizing death and rebirth.

    When groundhog shows up as a totem, it may be time to explore deeper altered states of consciousness and lucid dreaming. You are being asked to explore altered states of consciousness deeper. The answers are within you – however you just have not dug deep enough to find the root of it.

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