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    Fox Symbolism & Meaning

    The phrase, “cunning like a fox” came about for good reasons. Nearly every culture regards Fox symbolism as including stealthy movement that’s nearly silent because this creature is so closely acclimated to the space around them .

    Some cultures, including those of China and Peru, felt that the Fox spirit had god-like powers and She could shapeshift into human form.

    In Native American tradition Fox is the fire-bringer who possesses healing abilities and has strong ties with Shamanic practices.

    As a guide and messenger, Fox may come to you when you’ve started a project that’s ill conceived. Highly intelligent and a bit of a trickster, Fox knows all too well when there’s malicious trouble afoot.

    Thankfully Fox brings clever solutions to your situation, ones that require determination and persistence along with some serious forethought.

    Fox wants you to get past illusions, adapt to your discovery and see things clearly before moving forward any further.

    Fox is a key character for Aesop who portrayed as being brilliant con artist. Alternatively Aesop used the fox as a teacher who showed humans how to overcome fear, particularly of the unknown. There are ways to use the Fox’s charms however without ploys. Instead, let this animal spirit teach you about the art of concealment when you are overexposed. Fox also shares lessons about observation and attuning with your environment.

    The Fox spirit is a diversified creature that folktales show as being able to slip into many different roles as the circumstances dictate. Problem solving aptitude and keen mental faculties sum up Fox’s meaning and symbolism nicely. To quote Antoine de Saint Exupery:

    “Men have forgotten this truth,” said the fox. “But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”

    Fox Spirit Animal

    Fox as a Spirit Animal comes to you during times of change, particularly challenging or unpredictable ones. Many people are slow to move out of their comfort zones even when situations call for responsiveness and flexibility. Fox energy says, “You must act, but do so wisely.”

    In working with Fox as an animal spirit guide you may find your supernatural senses keener than usual, particularly at twilight and dawn. These are “in between times” that hang on the edge of other realms and awarenesses. Some say Fox may will guide you in working with fairies and devas.

    Take special note of the Fox’s color. Is your new spirit guide a:

    White Arctic Fox: White is the color of purity and divinity. Maybe Fox has appeared to let you know it’s time for all your thoughts, words, and deeds come from a place of only positive energy.
    Red Fox: The color red (like orange) is a solar symbol. When a Red Fox shows up it’s time to tackle life with passion!
    Fennec Fox: Besides being so darn adorable, Fennec Foxes have ears that go on for days! This is an omen that it’s time to listen with your Third Eye – not your actual human hears.
    Gray or Grey Fox: The color grey is an “unemotional color”. It is elegant and reserved. When a Grey Fox appears, it’s time to take a conservative approach.

    Fox Totem Animal

    If you were born with a Fox Totem Animal you have an uncanny knack for awareness. Very little gets by you, especially any form of trickery. As you respond to your environment and current circumstances you action is swift and smooth. You have little trouble adapting to new situations or overcoming obstacles on a moment-by-moment basis.

    Fox people have a natural sense of humor that they may find hard to keep in check. It’s tempting to pull that prank, but not if the result is one that harms an innocent. Discretion is a hard lesson for those guided by the Fox but it is a necessary skill.

    Those whose soul chose Fox medicine in this turn around the Medicine Wheel always seem to know which way to go. They are agile thinkers and doers. Because of this, their critical thinking skills are lightening quick and usually on the money!

    Fox Power Animal

    Turn to Fox as a Power Animal when you need greater discernment, particularly when it comes to personal or business relationships. Fox can grant you wisdom, especially in those areas of your life where you may have a blind spot.

    Fox is also a good teacher for those who dislike confrontation. He will lead you down a different Pathway and provide perspective on avoiding conflict. More importantly, He keeps your sense of humor intact through the process.

    Native American Fox Symbolic Meanings
    While different tribes often had unique stories about Fox, the underlying theme for this Animal guide is one with Fox as a benevolent spirit. Fox represents scrutiny, slyness, and keenness. Some tales portray Fox as a creator God, while others say Fox stole fire from the heavens to give to humankind.

    For people with good motivation, Fox Spirit becomes a helper for problem solving. For those who are prideful, he becomes the trickster and the hand of “karma”. Among northern tribes Fox is a messenger. Several tribes have Fox clans including Hopi and Creek.

    Fox as a Celtic Animal Symbol
    The Celts studied animals and their behavior in much the same deeply spiritual way as the Native Americans. They honored all animals and strove to learn from them. What the Celtic people learned, they put into practice.

    Like all woodland creatures, Foxes have an intimate knowledge of their surroundings and traversed it with agility. In this, Celtic Fox symbolism is all about moving through the world of spirit and the earthly plane with familiarity and ease.

    Fox Dreams
    Fox is an excellent helpmate in the dreamscape. When one appears in your dreams its usually a sign that you need to move carefully. Fox dreams are warnings not to rush into situations and relationships. Instead, take a step back and carefully examine people/situations that your instincts tell you aren’t quite “right.” There is more here than meets the eye.

    Fox in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

    If you were born between November 23 and December 21, you were born under the sign of the Red Fox in Native American Astrology. People with this sign require socialization. Community and tribe are incredibly important to you.

    Fox people are charismatic. They like making people laugh, but also THINK. Long talks about philosophy are welcome, but not without play time to balance things out.

    In Celtic Astrology Fox corresponds to a birthdate between May 13 and June 9. If this is your sign, you are a natural guide for others especially in dealing with the spirit realms. You may find yourself drawn to shamanism and animal magic, both of which strengthen your ties to Fox.

    Far Eastern Fox Symbolic Meanings
    In Far Eastern mythology Foxes were once human whose spirits moved into the bodies of a Fox. As a result there is a sense of Fox being a communicator, bearing the messages of ghosts and the Ancestors.

    Chinese stories paint the Fox in a negative light. Here She is a shape shifter who turns into a female who tempts weak-willed men and drains them slowly of their life force akin to a Succubus. Fox may also become a plant or other creature.

    By comparison, Japanese tales depict the Fox as wise, magical and smart. Some go on to say that Fox becomes a guardian to some lucky humans, and may even marry. One myth says that Fox is a messenger for the Shinto goddess of rice.

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    Fox Power Animal Symbol Of Camouflage Quick Wit Cunning Agility Magic

    By Ina Woolcott

    Foxes are seen as power animals / totems throughout the world. The Chinese believed foxes could take human form. In Egypt the fox brought favour from the gods. There was a fox god in Peru. Foxes aid the dead get to the next life in Persia. The Cherokees, Hopi and various other Native American Indian tribes believed in its healing power, the Apache credited the fox with giving man fire.

    Fox is amongst the most uniquely skilled and ingenious animals of nature. Being a night creature, fox is often imbued with supernatural powers. Foxes are usually seen at dawn and dusk. Dusk starts off their day, and the dawn is its ending. This is the time, when the world of magic and our every day realities cross paths. Foxes live on the edges of forests and open lands, the border areas. As fox is an animal of the between times and places, it can be a guide into the faerie realm. Fox has a long past of magic and cunning associated with it. It can move in and out of circumstance restoring order or causing confusion, depending on the occasion.

    There are various species of fox, but they all share the extreme cleverness and cunning that paved the way for the expression, “sly as a fox.” Fox urges us to develop the art of camouflage, invisibility, and shape shifting. They are agile, skilled, and unpredictable.

    Fox’s power lies in not being able to outrun the hounds, but to know in advance when they will be out hunting. They then use their ability to camouflage. When we learn to detach from our surroundings and to use all our senses to be observant, we will also be able to anticipate and create the future. A fox being followed by hounds will run across the tops of walls, cross streams diagonally, double back on its trail, run in circles – in short, do anything to break the trail of its scent. Fox has the amazing ability to outwit both predators and prey. Fox shows us how to slip out of unpleasant situations quietly and unnoticed. Those with fox as a spirit guide are frequently smart and witty but must remember to keep their crafty and clever demeanour balanced or it could backfire. Fox can also show you that your actions may be too obvious and the need to learn to be more discreet. Fox is a wise, potent, teacher for those who choose to live conscious and deliberate lives.

    Due to their ability to blend into their surroundings, foxes are generally viewed as sly and cunning beings. Calling someone foxy is not always paying them a compliment, it can also mean that they are tricksters or liars.

    Interestingly, the word cunning, originates in the Old English word, kenning, which means to know, especially as applied to seeing something which isn’t visible straight away. This can be related to the fox’s superb sight and their ability to anticipate.

    Fox can show us the skills necessary when it comes to handling people. The ability to camouflage can be deduced as being able to take a step back and view an interpersonal situation with detachment. This includes opening up the less obvious senses, such as intuition.

    Often the underlying basis of a situation may seem obvious, but instead of making a quick judgment, listen closely to the outer and inner senses. Then you may perhaps get a completely different picture of what is going on. When the outer situation and the inner senses don’t match it is wise to handle like a Fox, to trust ones intuition/instinct/inner voice, and to lay low.

    Just like the wolf, the fox partner’s for life, and is very devoted to its young. Many of its clever hunting techniques are keyed to acquire food for the helpless young and the nursing vixen. This is am important element of the foxes power. Similarly, our own awareness, and flexibility can be used to greater ends, not just to serve ourselves.

    Fox’s Wisdom Includes:
    Shape shifting, cleverness, observational skills, cunning, stealth,
    camouflage, feminine, courage, invisibility, ability to observe unseen,
    persistence, gentleness, swiftness, wisdom, reliable friend, magic,
    shape shifting, invisibility.

    Fox can teach us to control our auras so we are more able to live in harmony with the world and others.

    If fox is your power animal, learning to be invisible is very important in your life. Picture yourself blending in with your surroundings, becoming part of everything. Be extremely still and quiet. With practice and patience you will be able to go unnoticed even at a party or in a crowd. Fox also teaches good eating habits, as they eat small portions frequently. You have probably heard the suggestion that this is better for our health.

    If fox is your power animal, pay attention to the way it moves and follow its lead. This is a powerful guide to have and those that have it to should learn to use its skills for the benefit of all, including themselves.

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