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Black October


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    This event is a display of the Dark and Black Arts in revelry of the Black Month of October.

    All Black and Dark Artists are welcome to contribute to this event.

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    Please meet my gravediggers. These spirits have the ability to put to rest issues of the past and present, bury who and what you require to be removed from your presence and energy field, purify by grounding negative energies directed at your person, family, or household, and can banish for eternity all spirits, entities, and even negative people.

    I am asking $18 for their black obsidian vessel.

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    Please meet my Crow, Mouse, and Black Cat familiars. These are excellent spies and infiltrators to gain locked down information, see behind closed doors, and reach beyond what is capable in your human form. These are masters of presenting illusion, seeing truth through disguise, and retrievers of energy, power, and information. See the world of truth through the eyes of a familiar.

    I am asking $15 for their black obsidian vessel. Choose from Crow, Mouse, or Cat

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    both of the gravediggers have now been claimed

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    Please Meet The Chameleon of Vengeance

    This Dionysian creature is capable of stealing the power of your enemies and returning them in full force to your hands to manipulate at your will. I am asking an adoption fee of $33 for a labradorite vessel. I reserve the right to deny purchase of this vessel if the chameleon refuses to serve you. Practiced keeper only.

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    chameleon has chosen his home

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    Please allow me to introduce you to a special piece for the Black October.

    Under Cover of the Night, The Cloak of Circe
    In the Land of Ancient Greece, the act of drawing down the moon was not considered the fluffy healing recharging Wiccan act that we have come to know today. It used to be a much more sinister act of defiance of the power of the moon to act in absolute secret ritual, unobserved by even the gods. This is the most powerful cloak that I have ever worked with. Who are you? No one really knows… What are you doing? No one is sure…Where have you been? Where are you going? You will not be pinned.

    I am asking $23 for the cast obsidian cloaking device meant to pull over the cover of absolute darkness. More than one available.

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    Allow me to introduce LEARN TO SWIM IN THE FLOOD OF JUNO

    This is a dark art that will flood the life of your enemy with the full and relentless force of destructive water. I have yet to see anything able to balance or stop the pursuit of the envelopment of the entire consciousness of the victim until they’ve surrendered to drowning.

    I am asking $23 for this spell cast stone

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    Please meet my Greek Goblins the Kallikantzaroi They are said to be small, black and male, mostly blind, with long black tails.

    They speak with a lisp and eat small creatures, such as, worms, snails and frogs.

    They come out of hiding at night, to enter houses, anyway they can, through windows, down chimneys, through keyholes, and any cracks that they may find, in walls and around doors.

    Once inside they cause havoc. Excellent tormentors who intend on destroying the whole world, yet always fall just barely short of their ultimate goal of total and complete destruction. They hate sunlight and fire and the number three.

    I am asking 20 for a stone vessel with two goblins. These will be sold as pairs.

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    Please meet my poltergeist Boogey Man

    Goblins are part of a much larger but very interrelated group of creatures and spirits which, in addition to goblins and hobgoblins, include: bugbears, bugaboos, bogeys, bogys, bogies, boggarts, bogle, boggelmann, bock, bogey-beasts, bug, boo, puca, bogeyman, and boogieman and all refer to the same or very similar type of creature or spirit.

    In the British Isles, the Welsh preferred the term bugbear or bug. Bug meaning ghost in Welsh. Scots call them bogles and the Celts referred to them as bugaboos or boos. In England they often went by bogey (or bogy, bogie). By the way, this is where the military picked up its bogie designation for unidentified objects. Bogeys travel alone or in groups causing mischief but while a generic goblin can have many forms bogeys are usually large and black, are active at night or in very dark places, and are very fond of scaring children. A very famous type of bogey is the bogeyman or boogieman. In Germany it is called the boggelmann. While they all refer to the same thing, a bogey, they are usually called a bogeyman when they are traveling solitary. In generations past, parents threatened to be able to call bogeymen at will in an effort to scare their children into good behavior.

    The poltergeist boggart inhabits a specific location like a home, graveyard, cave, or field but can take up residence in the body of an animal or even a person. Unlike their goblin and bogey relatives they do not have a physical form. Their activities are poltergeist in nature causing mischief by moving objects and scaring people of all ages with horrible noises and maniacal laughter. They’ve been known to hit, scratch, and pinch people and in some cases carry them away.

    I am asking $20 for his stone vessel. He is strong enough to move large metal chairs.

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    Please meet my Firestarter Pyrokineticist. This little girl holds the power of a nuclear blast easily thrown in the direction of her will. She can destroy all obstacles and annoyances in your life and on your path quickly and protect you from curses and psychic attack and leaches and irritants to your energy field with the force of destructive fire. A real friend winner. Definitely boosts fear and respect.

    Asking $20 for her lightning struck wood vessel

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Please allow me to introduce you to The Lord of the Flies. This is a being of chaos to be directed as you see fit and can upset peaceful established order and swing things in your favor anywhere you see fit to direct it. If life commonly stacks circumstance against you, this being can shift huge changes in favor. He encourages the embracing of God Level Power, and will push you to the level of an equal to any God.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I am asking $30 for his black amber vessel, or $15 for a direction connection.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic” alt=”” />

    Please meet my Selenite Pillar, “The Beacon of Hope” programmed to call from a variety of realms and centers of power to automatically draw to you, who and what you need when you need them. Completely balanced in the realms of reach.

    I am asking $40 for this beacon.

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    Please meet my Persephone. Flower maiden, Queen of the dead, mother of Bacchus, director of Dread. Blessings, Curses, Purification. Second sight and divination. The gateway to the torture chamber, or the halls of Zeus if you avoid her anger.

    My Queen

    DAUGHTER of Jove, almighty and divine,
    Come, blessed queen, and to these rites incline:
    Only-begotten, Pluto’s honor’d wife, 3
    O venerable Goddess, source of life:
    ‘Tis thine in earth’s profundities to dwell, 5
    Fast by the wide and dismal gates of hell:
    Jove’s holy offspring, of a beauteous mien,
    Fatal, with lovely locks, infernal queen:
    Source of the furies, whose blest frame proceeds
    From Jove’s ineffable and secret seeds: 10
    Mother of Bacchus, Sonorous, divine,
    And many-form’d, the parent of the vine:
    The dancing Hours attend thee, essence bright,
    All-ruling virgin, bearing heav’nly light:

    p. 154

    Illustrious, horned, of a bounteous mind, 13
    Alone desir’d by those of mortal kind.
    O, vernal queen, whom grassy plains delight,
    Sweet to the smell, and pleasing to the sight:
    Whose holy form in budding fruits we view,
    Earth’s vig’rous offspring of a various hue: 20
    Espous’d in Autumn: life and death alone 21
    To wretched mortals from thy power is known:
    For thine the task according to thy will, 23
    Life to produce, and all that lives to kill.

    p. 155

    Hear, blessed Goddess, send a rich increase 25
    Of various fruits from earth, with lovely Peace;
    Send Health with gentle hand, and crown my life
    With blest abundance, free from noisy strife;
    Last in extreme old age the prey of Death,
    Dismiss we willing to the realms beneath, 30
    To thy fair palace, and the blissful plains
    Where happy spirits dwell, and Pluto reigns.

    $25 for her vessel or $12 for a direct connection

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