The Dragon’s Cave

Dragon Offerings

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    Black Dragons – often misconceived as evil, these dragon believe in justice and vengeance. They value truth and freedom. These Dragon will most often times appear when you are in need of a protector. Black Dragons will tend to spend many years with you, even a lifetime. They tend to hail from caves and caverns. Offer them incense or a nice athame to imbue.
    Crystal (clear) Dragons – an odd species. Crystal dragons tend to come from the dream world. They thrive on imaginations and wishes. They are often muses for creation. Offer them a story or art.
    Gold Dragons – a larger species of Dragon, golds seem to be jaded a bit. Often they can aid you in areas of knowledge and money. Gold Dragons tend to show up when you need to be more careful or more protective over something. Or at times when you are seeking hidden knowledge. They tend to require gifts of money or shining objects. They originate from mines or forgotten places.
    Green Dragons – these tend to be earth elemental based dragons. Often dwelling in forests they can aid you when you feel the need to grow or to return to your primal self. These dragons are often pleased with gifts of flowers, plants, or pure soil from a forest. These Dragons usually spend 10-15 years with you.
    Red Dragons – the lords of the Mountains and element of Fire. Reds are swift on the wind and often seen for glimpses flying over mountains. Red dragons excel at healing, both physically and emotionally. Offer them a bit or rock or resin.
    Skeletal Dragons – often misconceived as signs of death or evil, these dragons are completion in all of its forms. They are predominantly deep space dragons. They are the largest of the Dragons commonly known. They will aid you on any closures and ending you must do. The appearance of one often means that you need to end something that is not in your best interest. Offer them a preserved flower, or image of a star or other space object.
    Water Dragons – the beings of the deep waters. Water dragons are often associated with emotions. The appearance of one usually means it is time to look deep within yourself. Offer them water or seaweed.
    White Dragons – often seen as gifts from a divine being, white dragons make excellent friends in troubled times. Some possess two or three heads. The appearance of one means a gift from the divine and a shoulder to cry on. Offer them praise or shining objects.

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