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The Keys of Hekate

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    The Keys of Hekate

    These keys have been cast for months including the blue blood moon eclipse with road opener spells, the peaceful power of nature, and foundation building, as well as transformative energies to assist you in realizing the potential and unlocking the power within you. These can call spirits, open and close portals and fairy doors, protect from magickal drain, and assist in astral travel between realms. These keys can be used as a pendulum for direct communication with Hekate, they can be carried in your purse or pocket to protect and guide you through the day, kept under your pillow while you sleep to unlock the power of the subconscious and increase dream work and messages, and they can be kept in your wallet to unlock the gates to the avenues of necessary gain and abundance. Increases all intents, protects from curses and evil eye. If you have a particular spell cast energy you would like added to personalize these keys to your needs, customization is a welcome option.

    $33.30 for one antique spell cast skeleton key, or $66.60 for a complete set of 3

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