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Sylph Activation

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    It is important to take a bath or shower to get rid of the impurities of the day and then dress up in comfortable clothes, but of light colour. The air elements feel comfortable in the presence of light and soft colours.

    Because we are talking about invoking the help of the Elementals spirits is very important to consider the safety measures and prepare the space accordingly. Therefore, you have three white candles and place them at half a meter distance from where you sit. They may be placed in any way you want, either in a line, triangle or randomly. The white candles, besides the fact that they activate the air element, will ensure the protection of the space in which you’ll do the ritual. Once everything is set, stand up and you say the the words while lighting the candles:

    “I light this white candle in the name of Infinite Spirit and all the protective Guides and Spirits watching over me. Spread the light of this flame all around me, forming a perfect shield of loving protection. Let nothing negative or harmful enter my space.”
    After you uttered invocation, sit down on the ground or on a chair. Close your eyes, take a deep breath or more (if you need) and try to relax.

    Visualise a beautiful orb of light above and, with your breath, bring beams of that light into your heart-space through the top of your head, the palms of your hands, the arches of your feet and the base of your etheric channel along your spine.Take all the time you need to do this.

    Continue breathing and pulling in more light, while pushing out any negativity, until you and your protective sphere are filled with brilliant white light.

    When you feel completely at ease, take one more deep breath and mentally invite in the Spirit Guide you would like to meet. The Being of Light may appear instantly or take a while to come through. Do not try to force an image. Tension of any kind grounds you. Just relax and be patient.

    Once your Guide is in your mind’s eye, say hello and thank him or her for answering your call. You might feel a breeze of wind or a sensation of cold breath or simply your voice inside you warn you that has arrived. Feel free to pay a compliment. Ask the Sylph to grant you his protection for the following 12 months, and help you to find the best solutions for the sudden problems you may face.  Pay attention to what he has to say. The more open communication between the two worlds, so you will enjoy the success of ritual.

    If you have a specific question, you can ask your Sylph if he has an advice for you.

    If not, ask if he has a message for you. Then quiet your mind and listen. You may hear an answer, see written words or an image. If it looks like a movie has been turned on, just watch patiently and quietly.

    After you receive your answer, thank your Sylph once again for answering your requests. Then open your eyes. Leave the candles to burn fully, but put them in a safe area. Do not let the candles unattended.

    So be it!

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