Methods of Ritual to Hades

Ritual Methods of Ritual to Hades

First thing, it’s best to approach this God at night, though not required if you are capable of entering or simulating a cave. His ancient hymns do not list an incense dedicated to him, though if you feel compelled, myrrh is appropriate for the underworld, in general. His altar should be low on the ground or on the floor representing the direction of this realm of power which is all things of the earth. To get his attention, you have to be loud, he can’t hear you unless you beat on the ground, stomp on his sacred ground, such as a cemetery or where you keep his altar, and even scream if he can hear you and is he willing to approach you, into the ground. Once you think you have his attention, he appreciates offerings of songs, and poetry, you can also choose to approach him with offerings of meat, cakes, honey, coins and wine. If you do this outside, a hole in the ground to throw them and walk away, is ideal. Regardless of where you leave his physical offerings, you leave them while you turn your face so you do not see him take them, and you than him while you walk away.

I will add more methods and offerings fitting for this god as I come across them in my research and study.